Placing icons on taskbars?

First, I hope this is the right forum for this question. I’m asking at least a couple today so (hopefully) I can set this system up more like I’m used to.

I’m using 15.2 Leap, running the Gnome Classic/Flashback (not sure which it’s called in OpenSUSE). When using Gnome Flashback under Ubuntu, I installed an app (I think it was “Docker”) which enabled me to place often-used apps on the top and bottom taskbars for one-click access. I’ve looked but not found any way to do so (so far) under OpenSUSE Leap. If there is an app that will enable this ability (or a way to do it in LEAP), could you let me know so I can set that up?



The openSUSE GNOME documentation <; mentions the following:

openSUSE Leap ships with as three different session configurations based on GNOME. These are GNOME, GNOME Classic, and SLE Classic.

Deciding which configuration to use at login is described here – <;.

GNOME ClassicA GNOME 3 configuration that is designed to appeal to former users of GNOME 2. The desktop has two panels, one at the top and another at the bottom.

[HR][/HR]There’s a GNOME Extension – “Apps to Panel” – <Apps to Panel - GNOME Shell Extensions.
There’s also this StackExchange discussion – <gnome3 - How can I add an application to the GNOME application menu? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.
[HR][/HR]Now you know why, I prefer to use KDE Plasma …

Unfortunately, none of that really helped. The Gnome extension wasn’t like what I need - the ability to add icons (‘buttons’) to the taskbars. The discussion also didn’t seem to have anything I could use either.

In Ubuntu, there was a keystroke combination that allowed you to edit or rearrange the taskbar - I’ve forgotten it now, along with the app that enabled drag-and-drop programs to the taskbars. I was hoping that there was something similar.

Thanks for trying!