Placement of Wine Virtual Desktop

I got a nice shiny new 27" monitor for Christmas, and I’m running a older game of mine on it under Wine (Dangerous Waters, if anyone wants to know). The game runs fine, but, of course, it’s max res of 1280X1024 makes it look somewhat goofy on my new monitor. I created a virtual desktop for it in winecfg at 1280X1024 and it runs fine in that. The only problem is the virtual desktop opens on the left side of my screen, and I don’t seem to be able to drag it to the center of my screen. Does anyone know how I can get the virtual desktop to center of my screen?


Nebbermind. I stumbled into the solution. Hold down the Alt Key and the Tab key, and you’ll break out of the virtual desktop. Then you can move it around (takes a little practice, though). rotfl!