Piper / Ratbagd

Seems i have a minor issue. I am trying to get piper to work on my Tumbleweed with my Logitech g502 Hero mouse.
I installed piper through “Discover” and it has ratbag installed. But when i launch Piper, it says… “Cannot connect to Ratbag. - Make sure Ratbagd is running and your user is in the required group.”

Ok. So how do i check if ratbagd is running ?
How do i make sure my user is in the right group, and if not… How do i move/change that ?


You only need to add your user to the games group and restart your computer/logout-login.

YaST → User and Group management → (your user name) Edit → Details → check additional groups “games” → OK

Thank you. I’ll try that. :wink:

That did the trick. Thanks a million mate…