pipe wire new audio server questions ( what is it)

While updating tumbleweed, I noticed pipe wire was getting installed.

Does pipe wire replace pulse audio or is it an extension?

( From what I heard it should also make using JACK easier. )

But I am lost, because there is also still alsa.

I though I understood things there is alsa then pulse audio on top of it?

Were does pipewire come in? :slight_smile:

Checking here, it looks as if “pipewire” was first installed when I originally installed Tumbleweed.

I rechecked on another system (this one installed in June 2019), and again “pipewire” was part of the original install.

By the way, I checked “/var/log/zypp/history” to find that.

Thank you, at first you reply confused me.

Written by Michael Larabel in Desktop on 4 September 2020


So I expected it to be something totally new, but also found this:

So its not totally new, but they have been updating it.

In the blog Carla and Jack are mentioned, two things I have had issues with. (both have to do with making music on Linux)

Gonna read that blog, it will probably explain what this is about in detail. :slight_smile:

It’s not phoronix though, why I got interested in pipe wire, its because of a you tube vid of somebody that makes music on Linux, and tries to only use opensource.
Been following that person for years now.

3 things in Linux audio I’m exited about. ( In this vid he also mentions pipe wire)

I also just type man pipewire, and now I am sure we are talking about the same thing.

pipewire(1)                                                                                                             General Commands Manual                                                                                                             pipewire(1)

       pipewire - The PipeWire media server

       pipewire [options]

       PipeWire is a service that facilitates sharing of multimedia content between devices and applications.

       The pipewire daemon reads a config file that is further documented in pipewire.conf(5)

       -h | --help
              Show help.

              Show version information.

       -n | --name=NAME
              Set the daemon name (Default pipewire-0).

       The PipeWire Developers <https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/issues>; PipeWire is available from http://pipewire.org

       pw-mon(1), pw-cat(1), pw-cli(1),

That blog and maybe some more googling should answer all my questions. :slight_smile:

Carla is available from our official repositories, and I already have it installed.
I also know jack is available, but I am not using that.

You can also check LWN for PipeWire info:
From what I’ve read it seems like PulseAudio on steroids with a promise to support low-latency of JACK and it is also supposed to handle video.
I guess we will see how well it works.

Looks like pipewire was added to openSUSE 2 years ago:

I started having major issues with sound a few months ago. But my installations are many years old, probably before pipewire was added to openSUSE, and I’m not sure I’ve had it before. But uninstalling pipewire solved all my problems.
See: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/547267-pipewire