pip does not update?

Hi, when I try to install pip with zypper or yast:

zypper in python3-pip

version 20.0.2 will be installed. not 20.2.3 that this page says it’s available.

what’s wrong? I try refreshing repositories and distribution update but nothing changed.

thank you

If you look at repository, it is Factory, not Tumbleweed.

First, I have found that a version of pip is always installed by default on every openSUSE, there’s never a need to install pip.
I have never found that any pip installed by openSUSE was sufficiently up to date than to merely initially access PyPi.
And, for this reason it really doesn’t matter what version is installed from openSUSE, it has to be replaced.
I don’t know if it’s just that pip is updated so often in PyPi or if it’s something else.

It has never been a real problem for me.
On a new system, the first thing that should be done when connecting to PyPi is to update pip from PyPi before anything else (else you’ll get a notification reminding to do this first), and then you’re set.