Pinnacle Studio

Okay so I bought pinnacle studio and the USB-500 Capture Card, but it’s made for windows and i have no idea how to configure the software to work on openSUSE 10,3. SO if someone could tell me me the step by step process on installing windows designed, programs for Lunix it would be a real help.

As you noted that software is designed for MS-Windows. It will not run nominally on Linux.

I took a look to see if it will run under wine, and the assessment is “garbage” compatibility from that site. Not very promising:
Wine AppDB - Pinnacle Studio

You could setup virtual box or vmware, install winXP under those virtual environments, and then install pinnacle. However that IMHO will have slow performance.

Instead I recommend you give up the idea of using pinnacle studio software under Linux and instead try to use some native Linux applications.

I can NOT give you a “step-by-step” guide for this. But I can point you to a web page with a list of applications you can consider. … Please go here:
Video editing - openSUSE

I do not have a video camera, but I do have a still camera that takes low quality videos, and I have made a number of home movies with “kdenlive”.

What sort of interface does this “USB-500 Capture card” provide to your Camera? Is that a USB interface? (the name suggests it is). It is possible you will be able to simply plug in the camera and drag and drop the movies from the camera, to your PC, via your file manager. And then use one of the programs in the URL I provided to edit your videos.

Good luck.