Pink lines

Hi everyone!
I got a small problem with my computer and that is that i’ve got 4 pink lines on my monitor. i can operate normaly behinde them, but cant se what im doing there.
Its like something is lying over the desktop.

dont know where to begin solving this so plz help me

greetings xTillity

What version of openSUSE are you running and video card? Did you install the propriety version driver?

etech97 :slight_smile:

Iv got a VIA EPIA-M motherbord with embeded graphiccard, and that should be a VIA Apollo CLE266, but im not a 100% sure.

and if that it is that i dont have the drivers, how do i install i in opensuse?

I checked the VIA website. They have Linux drivers; but not for your card. I’m not sure if your card is built into the kernel or not :frowning: Maybe someone with more experience than I would be able to help you out.

Does this also happen when you log into a different DE? Or when you create a different user?

etech97 :slight_smile:

Can you test the monitor on another PC to rule out lcd-pixel or crt-retrace failure? Does it happen as you boot (pressing ESC during boot)? If it does, I would strongly lean towards video card failure or monitor failure as in that mode you are using lowest base resolution (standard bios text mode).