Ping works only one way from GNS3 to SuSE

I have SuSE Enterprise 11 running as guest on my Win 7 host machine. I have a topology in GNS3 on my host WIN 7. My local host is network. I’m able to ping from SuSE to the router in GNS3 within this network as my SuSE is also assigned an IP from and the other way from GNS3 too.

However, I have another network in GNS3 extended from the network. I’m able to ping SuSE from this network from GNS3, but not able to ping back to this network from SuSE.

I tried disabling the firewalls, but still cannot ping from SuSE to this network. Ping works only one way from GNS3 to SuSE.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m new to SuSE and just am able to navigate around.

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