Ping between two Guest Os on two different subnet masks

Step 1 : In Hyper-v Machine i have created two Virtual Ports.

Step 2 : Now for these two diff ports two ip address with different subnet mask(e.g and been assigned(and have checked using ifconfig).

Step 3 : In Host machine i have added one subnetmask for one machine next one for another machine,however i m not able to ping both the ports from either of the machines having static ip or having ip

Step 4 : If i add same subnet mask for both machine it is pinging properly between 2 machines.

please reply… i am in deep trouble. :frowning:

have never heard of a “Hyper-v Machine” but to me yours sounds like a
perfect question for a Hyper-v Machine forum…

maybe google has heard of them and can help you find a forum…

on, the other hand if you are certain it is a Linux problem, see if
you can duplicate it with any other distro’s iso…and, if so perhaps
you have found a bug in the openSUSE implementation of generic


hi palladium,

ignore the word Hyper-v Machine. i guess i am not being able to create an alias of the ethernet card. bcoz aftr the creation of the aliased port when we try the command ifup eth0:0 it says interface not available… can you help me with a probable solution of what needs to be done. and how to createa proper alias of the NIC card.
thank you.

i have sorted it out.
i forgot to give default gateway.
Now everything is working fine.:slight_smile:

Ambarish11 wrote:
> Now everything is working fine.:slight_smile:

glad you got it going…i had a feeling if it was in the OS (and not
the VM) it was just a simple setup oversight…