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One of our distributions is specific to the Pinephone64, but virtually no posts about it. Yes there is a Pinephone forum, but the only reference to our distro is my recent first question which remains unanswered. It’s not listed as supported. Surely the developers who spent time coming up with our version must feel there is a future for it. So might we not have a category devoted to it? Your opinions?

Only replying based on personal experience.

Creating a dedicated forum section will mostly depend on “demand”. Some forums I’m a member of will offer a “vote” yes or no.

When I mention “demand”, that would be something like, “based on the 10,000 users we have, 1,000 are yes” … 10% ain’t bad. If it’s 100, that’s 1% …

Personally, I’d be shocked if there’s 10 folks out here who own a Pinephone.

As far as the opinion “developers have shown enough interest to offer support for it” (I’m paraphrasing here) … there are many truly open source developers who will involve theirself in a project simply for self recognition and the challenge.

So … do you own a Pinephone - you didn’t specifically mention yes (?).

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I also think that it is clear that the categorizing in these forums is not architecture based. It would force a complete new implementation of the categories.

And hey, how difficult is it to mention that in the title of a thread so that everybody sees it at a glance?

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