Pin Libreoffice to favorites

I could only find from kickoff button->Applications->Office LO Writer, Calc, Presentation, and could pin them to favorites.

I could not find the LibreOffice there. How could I pin Libreoffice to favorites in kickoff menu? Thanks.

The libreoffice packages don’t contain a menu entry for “LibreOffice” anymore (they did in earlier versions), only entries for the separate components like Writer, Calc, and so on.

But you could just drag the “Office” icon from the Desktop folder to the Favorites tab. (press Alt+F1 while dragging to make the Kickoff menu visible)

Or create a menu entry yourself using the menu editor (right-click on the Kickoff icon), and add that to the Favorites tab like any other menu entry.

In the Desktop folder, right-click Create link to Application; fill in all the details and in Application>Command specify


I know that doesn’t put it in favorites but it is the easiest way to have it instantly available.