Pihole for aarch64


I came across this thread : https://gitlab.com/knurpht/pihole-installer. I wonder of any of you including @malcolmlewis may have in order of ease :

  1. aarch64 Pi-Hole docker image for Tumbleweed or
  2. aarch64 Pi-hole docker image for openSUSE 15.2
  3. aarch64 Pi-Hole software via https://software.opensuse.org

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I’m currently running an older version on Leap 15.1 and SLES 15 SP1 aarch64, it’s in my plan to look at updating but won’t be until the end of the month, if you want the older version can enable builds…? Not using docker at all :wink:

Hiya @malcomlewis,

Thanks for stepping in. OK, may I try the older version please?

The reason why I was asking a docker image is that I am running WireGuard on Tumbleweed. If I get a aarch64 for openSUSE Leap 15.1, then the need of two devices will not be necessary. One device could run WireGuard & Pi-Hole.

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Give me a few days, need to sort out some nettle issues… (I run two pihole servers primary and secondary…).

That is fine :slight_smile:
Thank you!
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You should fine a number of LEAP images using Docker Hub, I doubt there is any need to run Tumbleweed in docker, especially if you don’t want latest.
Since today’s Docker netwokring usies bridge devices like traditional virtualization, you shouldn’t need to worry about network connectivity and device drivers.

You’ll also find or should find a number of Pi-Hole an Wireguard pre-built docker containers on Docker Hub although I doubt any would be built on openSUSE (but who knows if you look for it). It’s also not too difficult to make your own container the way you want.