Pidgin with Hotmail/ Live

Hi Guys

I’m trying to configure Pidgin to work with my windows live account, but I’m having a hard time !

It is not connecting for some reason :frowning:

I go to Account > Manage Accounts > and Choose MSN from the list of Protocols

I then enter my e-mail address ( but I get an error message ! and it doesn’t connect :frowning:

The Error message says:

======= SSL Certificate Error ========
Invalid Certificate Chain

The certificate chain presented for is not valid

And with a close button to close the pop-up window.

Can someone please tell me how I can fix this problem. Any help given would be GREATLY Appreciated.

Thank You.

anyone ? :frowning:

I am using pidgin 2.5.4 using a indentity that i’ve had for a long time, so bear that using the msn “live” service may be a bit different.

from your error message it appears that your login name is being accepted but the access to your contact info (which is stored at another server I believe)is not being validated. It’s unlikely that this is the culprit, but start yast2/SoftwareManagement using search and make sure that you are up-to-date on the openssl package (msn and jabber/XMPP use ssl connections which is a good thing), I have openssl package 0.9.8h-28.7.1.

Then type in pidgin and make sure that you are using the latest version of pidgin that incorporates the recent changes in msn connection protocols 2.5.4. This is probably not the case, but you can install it from the opensuse build service … just type in pidgin and you can find a list of available versions (i’m currently using sdrahn’s contribution). Using the one-click install will update pidgin and provide the required dependencies for libpurple/finch/etc.

the normal “vetted” pidgin version from the standard opensuse repositories are slow to change when various networks change protocol, so this “it worked before, now i can’t connect” issue happens.

Also visit Pidgin, the universal chat client for help.

If proceeding this way doesn’t reconcile your problems, I’d suggest visiting the #pidgin channel on

Hi J-Xavier

I’ve just check my version of pidgin and I have version 2.5.1

So first things first >> How do I update my pidgin to the latest version ?

Cause I went to the Help Menu, but there isn’t [Check for Updates] option like they have on the Windows OS.

I’d greatly appreciate any help.


OK ignore my last post, I have managed to install the latest version, I did it through this site:

But it still wouldn’t couldn’t !!

Hi again

Right, now I went and Re-installed the OpenSSL to update it, and this time it WORKED !!

Thank You very much J-Xavier rotfl!

Well done…you tamed the beast… have fun, glad to help.

I had similar problem. Reinstalling Pidgin or Openssl did not help, but after I first deleted existing certificates (using Tools > Certificates in Pidgin) and then reinstalled Pidgin it worked well.