Pidgin ICQ Login

I’ve been using Pidgin version 2.7.9 to connect to ICQ for a number of months now, however over the past two weeks I’ve been getting various errors logging in.

The initial error was

You have been connecting and disconnecting too frequently. Wait ten minutes and try again. If you continue to try, you will need to wait even longer.

After leaving over 24 hours and still getting the same error I tried changing the server details to initially not use clientLogin but that just caused Server Refused Connection errors. I’ve also tried changing the port number to 443 as suggested on a Ubuntu forum but that caused SSL Connection Failed error.

I know it’s not a problem with the account as I can connect with the ICQ client under Windows 7 and connect on my Blackberry using IM+ Lite.

I found a number of users with similar errors (mostly on Ubunutu Forums, and Pidgin Ticket section), however they were mostly from ~2008 and all solved the issue by changing the server details.


Tested on Finch with libpurple 2.9 (same as my pidgin) and get same errors, and then tested on Empathy IM Client and get a “Network Error”


Apparently most linux ICQ clients don’t support the new email login method ICQ client works fine. If you try logging in with your ICQ number the problem is resolved. However this doesn’t apply to all clients since my mobile client allowed me to login with email address.

As a side note I think ICQ really need to work on their error codes since the above mentioned error is hardly suitable to the problem.