Pidgin and Keyring

openSuSe 11.2/Pidgin 2.6.2/KDE4.3.1
Have seen various threads about this, but no real fix…
Everytime I start Pidgin I get the annoying prompt to “Enter password for default keyring to unlock”…
Thanks, John.

Try looking in ‘configure desktop’, find the keyring manager, find the key with pidgin associated with it, and delete it.

Where in configure desktop is this? Found another post (Pidgin keyring - openSUSE Forums) saying the same, and nobody there seemed to be able to find it either…?
Thanks, John.

Sorry, that was a bit vague… was working from memory, I broke suse. :frowning:

It’s under configure desktop -> advanced -> kwallet

See if you can find a wallet associated with pidgin, and delete the blighter. That might not be the problem - but it’s worth a shot…

Not at home at the moment, so can’t check, but I am sure I disabled KWallet when I first had the prob…
Will check it out. Thanks.

Let me know if it works…

As I suspected… I have disabled kwallet, but still getting the prompt. Tried enabling to see if there were any entries in there, but the entries is blank…
Anything else to try??

Thanks, John.

Sorry about the red herring…

Not a clue. :\

Look at this Post…

Pidgin keyring - openSUSE Forums

I’m afraid the only working solution is to recompile pidgin with the option --disable-gnome-keyring (as for gossip).

No, it’s not the only working solution, see the link posted
by user ChristianFbg posts #20 and #21.

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I find a way to solve this problem on Internet

first, remove all you account in pidgin

cd /home/yourusername/.gnome2
rm -rf keyrings

and then setup your account in pidgin and when it ask for creat keyring, just leave it blank and hit enter, and then press esc and then hit enter,