Pidgin 2.6.1 adds XMPP Voice and Video support

Anyone tried compiling it yet? Or made a SuSE package? I’d really like to try this out, but whenever I try compiling stuff I always get caught by dependencies and then don’t know where to find them…

I read somewhere that dependency issues are a real mess with this release. Maybe this is why there are no packages yet.

You can either wait until the GNOME developers do build it and get it from their repos (I always get it from there):

Index of /repositories/GNOME:/STABLE:/2.24/openSUSE_11.1


Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Community/openSUSE_11.1

Also I did a search on and it seems at least 2 persons from “home” did build a suse rpm package:


Well I’ve used that repo “home:sdrahn/openSUSE_11.1” to install pidgin and its look already but its kind of unstable and also I don’t see the support for audio and video:(

Try the other one but somehow I doubt there will be a difference

Hi! Anyone was lucky using voice and/or video? I’ve also installed last version from this repos, without luck. regards!

The version of sdrahn repo is 2.6.1, but with “Voice and Video: disabled” (you can see it in About menu)

The version of dmitry_serpokryl repo pretend to be 2.6.1, but once installed, it is 2.5.8, so no voice or video either …

I wonder why such a major evolution in IM world isn’t already available at the main 11.1 standard repo …