Picture of the day double exposure bug

“Picture of the day” logic suffers a double exposure bug, see

. it doesn’t happen every day, my best guess so far is the bug is elicited when significant usage of swap, as i currently have, is causing many seconds of delay to various operations you might normally expect to complete immediately.

Sorry, I have ZERO idea about the point of this post … or of any possible question that’s being asked. No details.

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I agree. Please @gregrwm , do not expect that everybody looks over you shoulder and is familiar with what you are doing with what during your working day, nor do others know what you configurations, etc. are.

So please explain what you are using (the fact that you post a screenshot of a picture suggest using a desktop, but which one ???), what you are doing with it, what you expect to get and what you get instead.

I think the op is showing there is another picture on top of the picture of the day that looks transparent. :wink:

Yes, that much seems clear.


  1. Which desktop environment is he using?
  2. What configuration is he using on his system that produces this effect?

Without him telling us a bit more, we would just be taking wild guesses.

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And what is “the picture of the day”? Where are we supposed to see it? What should we do where and how to try to reproduce the problem so we can check if we have the same or not?

In general, how are others then the OP assumed to help in bug searching?

And yes, wild guesses are not a good base to build any analysis upon.

For wild guesses you can visit a casino. At least I want facts and no guesses from the OP.

I agree, it is not really clear if it is KDE’s picture of the day or bing’s picture of the day.
Only the op can make it clearer. :slightly_smiling_face: Til then we will be just keep on guessing.

i have hdmi-1 external displays attached to both my thinkpad e540 and my elitebook 840g3, the elitebook also has an external vga display attached, both laptops are multiple display setups on tumbleweed kde, each display has a different picture of the day selected for the background wallpaper. When left on overnight, occasionally in the morning the new picture appears superimposed over the prior picture instead of having replaced it. i’ve seen this on the display showing the wikimedia picture of the day, and also either bing or flickr. it only happens occasionally, my best guess is it may be triggered by heavy usage of swap. When a double exposure background is showing, opening the desktop wallpaper dialog quickly replaces the double exposure with a proper non-superimposed rendering of the current picture of the day.

A background picture for what? You are talking nice about hardware and cables, but that all has nothing to do with what picture is shown where and when.

We all now assume you are using a desktop environment and have tried to set there something. But we still do not know what DE you are using (KDE, Gnome, Xfce, …). And what settings you used there. We are re ally not clairvoyant.

Then I would consider this to be not a serious concern for me. On one of my computers, I already have to open that dialog to get the background to update.

tho surprisingly caustic, especially surprising for a moderator, and apparently unable to read.

Well, I found it. Amid the endless hardware specs. No formatting in paragraphs (e.g. to make a clear difference between hardware and software). kde instead of KDE.

Making a attractive readable post is difficult. But you are right, it is there.

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