Picasa 3 won't start

I’m back again…Sorry…However i have just installed Picasa 3 and it will not start. The splash screen comes up then goes away then nothing. I tried starting it in a terminal to see what the output said but nothing there either. Anyone have any ideas about this one?

How did you install it

Personally I would use this repo

But it is not v.3

zypper ar -f http://dl.google.com/linux/rpm/stable/i386 google
zypper ref
zypper in picasa

Are there any major differences in 2 and 3? Like does 2 have uploading to the web albums?

I dunno
But I’m sure it uploads
Remove v3 first
It should show in Yast Software Manager

Version 2 works fine. I’ve uploaded stuff. It wouldn’t be worth running if it didn’t upload. Unless you must have v3 features or like excitement (remember that it’s beta at the moment and you are a guinea pig), I would suggest sticking with v2.

It seems to be just fine now. I just removed then reinstalled it :slight_smile:

i’ve never even used v2 … i think i’ll check it out too