Pi 4 - using Partitioner - The system might not be able to boot: ...


Install XFCE desktop on a Pi 4 to use with a 10TB usb MyBook HD for offsite backups using Syncthings for this operation for all workstations. Trying to modfiy the HD to mount on /home/admin/NetworkData folder but I keep getting this message:

 The system might not be able to boot: 


  - Missing device for /boot/efi with size equal or bigger than 256 MiB and filesystem vfat 

 Do you want to continue?

Is this a feature not working for the Pi OS or ignore this warning? I’m concern this is regarding my actual boot folder on the ssd.

I don’t know about Pi systems. On x86_64 systems, I alway ignore this warning.

It might result in the EFI partition being formatted with FAT16 instead of FAT32. Whether it will work may depend on the UEFI firmware. As far as I know, most firmware supports this. But, again, I have no experience with Pi systems.

Thanks, I went on an ignored the messages and its working fine so far, I also should’ve mention I quied partitioner in this order before applying: delete (exFat) → format (zfs, mount).