phpmyadmin wont work anymore

Hello folks,

I just wanted to do some database creation for my new web application and wanted to do it via phpmyadmin again, since it is such a handy thing.
But apparently for some reason it wont work anymore. The last time I used it was about 1 month ago, and I have trouble figuring out, what I might have changed that broke it.

So mysql and apache2 is running, but if i try to access phpmyadmin via browser (localhost/phpmyadmin) it simply says Object not found.

I also checked my www directory, and phpmyadmin is still present as it was always in the hdocs folder. I also checked my firewall settings for apache2, but they are correct as well.
Anybody could help me figuring out, what the problem might be?

Try “http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/” as URL. (file/directory names are case-sensitive in Linux)

Any chance youexplain which version of openSUSE you use?

Thank you that was actually the problem :slight_smile:
Im dumb :smiley: