phpMyAdmin has no real config file?

I just installed phpMyAdmin on a server and I am looking to add http authentication to it. The documentation says that I need to edit a file called (I’m guessing that it is located in /srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin) but that file does not exist, the closest thing I have is Do I need to create the config file by hand telling it what authentication meathod to use?

That would be the file you would use as a template and copy it in the
appropriate directory and rename it to and edit as

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As to why it isn’t there… if it was included it would get overwritten when you update it.

Is /srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin not the correct directory for that config? If so then I don’t need to move it anywhere just copy and rename it.

Yes, it’s whatever directory the template is in. I would copy and modify so that you have a pristine original you can compare against to see what you have changed later.

Thanks I have the config file set up with the desired authentication type. I also made a copy of that in case the config file is deleted in a upgrade/update as Axeia had mentioned.

That’s not quite what I meant, no harm done though.

The package you manually download or install via YaST contains a but it uses
If they would include the in the package, then when you install a new version the gets overwritten… undo’ing any changes you might have made to it.

By forcing the user to use a file that’s not actually in the package this problem is avoided, so you’d be safe without a backup… but no harm in having one :slight_smile: