PHP upgrade?

I would like to pick up scripting PHP again.
I noticed that in my 12.3 64 bit OpenSuse, PHP version 5.3.17 is installed.
Since that version has reached it’s “end of life” last july, I wonder if there is an update to 5.5 available thru Yast?
Or wait till the next Suse update?
Thank you.

You can grab it via the Open Build Service from the devel:languages:php:php55 repository?

Yes, thank you.

I did install 5.5 now with the one click, but now have to find out to replace the existing 5.3. The old one is still the active one when I run “localhost”

Did you restart the webserver? If not, do so:

systemctl restart apache2.service

Yes I did, but still the old version shows in php info.
FYI, In my installed packages, the dba-php553 version shows as installed but is printed in red.
I think it’s better to wait since the original version is installed clean and works like a charm.
thank you.

I suggest you remove the extra installed packages and do this:

  • Yast - Software - Repositories
  • Add - Repos maintained by the community - Check PHP development
  • OK OK
  • Yast - Software - Software management
  • View - Repositories
  • Click the PHP repo
  • Click “Switch system packages …” on the top right.
  • Accept the changes
  • Restart apache.
    You’re now on php 5.4

A perfect solution.
I am now on PHP 5.4.18
thanks again.

This should work with the php55 repo as well.
My guess is that you only updated one package… :wink: