PHP Sockets

Hi, I hope somebody here will be able to assist me.

I am trying to get Cacti working on a SLES 11 SP2. Please note that I am new to Linux.

I followed in the guide at Cacti - openSUSECacti - openSUSE

When accessing I am confronted with the following error: The following PHP extensions are missing: Sockets

I have tried to add the extensions as per PHP5 Extensions for OpenSuSE 11.x | but the repository is not found.

Please advise.


Well, on openSUSE 12.3 the needed package is called “php5-sockets” and is included in the standard distribution.
Don’t know about SLES though.

Are you using the standard php that is included?
Then just start YaST->Software Management and type “php5-sockets” into the search field.
A package should be found, install that.

You may have to restart apache afterwards (or reboot), I’m not sure right now.

As wolfi323 already pointed to, this is not the SLES forums. This is the openSUSE forums.

You probably better go to:

While it is possible you get the ultimate answer here, it more likely you get an answer here from people that do not even know that someting like SLES/SLED exists. Thus such an answer could not be applicable/trustable for your case.

I just had a look at the cacti package on OBS, and it does require “php5-sockets”, so that should automatically get installed when you install the cacti package.

So maybe you are using a self-compiled PHP, so the system’s “php5-sockets” package isn’t picked up?