PHP repo for 42.1 Leap missing

Just like the Apache one shortly after Leap’s launch, (it was relatively quickly added), the PHP one is still missing the Leap folder.

Does anyone know why it hasn’t been updated for Leap yet?

Forgot to mention. was raised 3 months ago, but no response still.

If you have an immediate need,
I’d recommend first determining whether the LEAP Apache version is closer to what is in 13.2 or TW, then add the Apache modules repo for one of those two distros.

IMO this can be done relatively safely (not without some risk, so test first!) because IMO Apache modules are pre-compiled and should be closely tied to the Apache version and should be isolated from any underlying OS differences.

Interesting that the whole category of Apache PHP5 modules aren’t being compiled. Skimming the current Apache LEAP modules, there appear to be plenty of python and perl related modules…

I’d also suggest you take a look at the LEAP PHP repo to see if any of those might be relevant to Apache… I see a couple packages for Apache but don’t know what they do (would have to install and inspect the info)


There is a PHP5 module in the OSS
You can install it with the following

zypper in apache2-mod-php5