PHP, PostgreSQL, and SUSE

I was wondering how to get PHP, PostgreSQL, and SUSE to work together. I installed PostgreSQL Server with no problem and PHP is installed, but when I tried to setup phpPgAdmin, I get an error about PHP not supporting PostgreSQL and that I need to compile PHP.

I am kind of surprised that SUSE 11.1 does not support this without doing this so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if I really do need to compile support for PostgreSQL into PHP.

Anyone know how I can phpPgAdmin and PHP working with Postgre?

I think you need to install php5-pgsql, at least that one says it has the extensions for dealing with PostgreSql

Strangely, it is already installed and even stranger is that phpPgAdmin seems to work now though not completely, I still can’t get access to the database or its tables. I can login, but when I try to access the sample postgres database, I get a login failure message.


You have to do some configuration of postgres with a text editor first. The file is pg_hba.conf. Here’s the page describing it.

PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.3: The pg_hba.conf file