php-gtk and gtkextra

I try to develop some software using php-gtk2 with gtk-extra.

The system is a ‘out of the box’ 64 bit SuSE Linux V10.3.

I Downloaded and compiled gtk+extra-2.1.1 and php-gtk-2.0.1 successfully.

php programs that use widgets from gtk+extra, like gtksheet crash with:

php /data/www/jjh/intranet/gtk2/Example/php/gtksheet.php
*** glibc detected *** php: double free or corruption (out): 0x0000000001b01af0 ***

How to fix?




a) do not mess your system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: install php5-gtk from the buildservice

zypper sa -r

zypper in php5-gtk

if that still crashes, follow "]this link]([server:php:extensions/php5-gtk) to report a bug, [b]include that code that crashes and I will check it out.

} else {

>:) :wink:

Thanks, elvigia

I removed php-gtk2 and installed if from the build service as you suggested, but there I still lack the extension module for php.

The reason why I built php-gtk2 from source was that I also need gtkextra2 and, I believe, that php-gtk2 is compiled without --with-extra.