PHP blank page when FTP submitted

Hey guys,

So I’ve been having this problem ever since I moved everything from 11.1 to 11.2 and to a new machine. It acts as a web server.

I use Wordpress and Joomla on the server, and I am having a problem with php. Everytime I try to submit something that requires FTP credentials, the php page comes up as blank upon hitting submit and stops loading.

In wordpress I try to upgrade a plugin, it asks for FTP username and password, hit submit and I get a white screen. Same thing happens in Joomla when I try editing the Global Configuration with FTP username and pass.

What’s wrong here?


11.2 updated PHP to 5.3. Are Joomla and Wordpress comfortable with this change? Maybe you should check in the Joomla and Wordpress forums to see if there are any incompatibilities with 5.3.

Also look in /var/log/apache2/error_log when something like this happens to see if there are any error messages from PHP.

Could also be upload and post limits too low, check /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini settings.

I’ve been looking in other forums and have not found this specific problem yet.

Nothing gets logged in the apache log file when this happens.

Changed the limits to 20M, and still encountered problem.

Would downgrading to 5.29 be a good idea or not?
How would I go about doing that?


If you are using ftp to upload configuration is the ftp port open on the firewall? Do you have a firewall running? Does anything need to be done to enable ftp in the PHP app?

I can only offer hints about how you might work out what the problem is. I don’t actually use these web apps so I can’t comment in depth on them.