PHP 8 on 15.3?

Hi folks. I’m just trying to get ready to switch my Desktop Computer over from 15.2 to 15.3, and get a server box up and running on 15.3. I haven’t done anything in PHP since ~PHP 5.4 and I’ve just found out that the current version of PHP is 8! I did a little bit of reading about PHP 8 and found that there are concerns about breaking changes in the latest version. If I’m going to get back into using PHP, I’d rather just get used to working with the latest version so that I don’t have to worry about future proofing/compatibility issues going forward—as I did when I first started learning PHP, and PHP 4 was more or less the only game in town, but PHP 5 was nearing its first stable release.

I’d like to be able to just install PHP 8, Apache, and Maria DB from repositories during the system installation process, but on one of the pages that I read about PHP 8, it said that PHP 8 only got its stable release in November 2020, which makes me doubtful that it’d be considered mature enough to be included in the official OpenSuse 15.3 repository. Does anyone know if PHP 8 made it into the repo?

I did what you could have done: looking in the 15.3 repository.
I found packages with name starting with php7-7.4.6.
nowhere found php8.

Here is a thread on PHP8: Unable to launch php-fpm.service ‘Permission denied - Unable to read php-fpm.conf’.

That problem was in the end PHP8 specific so maybe better to stick to PHP7 for now.

I did try a little search for the repositories, but the results mostly consisted of links to things like the release notes for 15.3, and irrelevant threads about various aspects of 15.2 on various fora.

Thanks for the help, Henk.

I just copied the URL from my 15.2 repo list, put into the browser, changed the 2 in a 3 and … Had to go down one or two directories and the list of packcages is very long, it took me a few minutes to get it, even on FTTH. :wink:

Thanks for the tip. Well at any rath, I’m certainly not going to be installing it from the official repositories because PHP 8 seems to have done a fine job of demonstrating why it is not yet included. When I first ever started using onenSuse I didn’t even realise PHP, MySQL and Apache could be installed from the repos (literally no idea why) so, for a few years, I compiled them all from source and just manually started them every time. I’m tempted to see if it can be started if it’s compiled from the latest tarball and, if that doesn’t work, just leave it until the kinks have been ironed out and it’s included in the repos.

In any case, thanks for the advice, marel. :smiley:

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