PHP 5.4 for OpenSUSE 12.3

Hey guys, is PHP going to be upgraded for OpenSUSE?

I have not seen an update since PHP version 5.3.17 and version 5.4 is already at 5.4.12 and soon version 5.5 will be released, so I was wondering if there is anything stopping OpenSUSE from upgrading this?

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See my message post here for one solution for php 5.4.12:

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And you missed completely how the policy of openSUSE in this respect is. Once a release is frozen (some time before it is released) no newer versions of any software is used (it is called “frozen”). Also during the lifetime of an openSUSE version, no new versions are introduced. When you want to go for a newer version of something, you have to find it somewhere in the Build service repos. Thus you can ask if anybody already saw some newer version in some repo (or you can search yourself using Search ), but that is always outside the “official” openSUSE version and “at your own risk” (but it works very often flawless). Thus, after a new openSUSE release (as now) some people may need some time to adapt their builds to the new openSUSE version. One of the reasoins, why many advise to wait a few weeks before taking a new openSUSE into production.

Thanks for the link but it looks like the PHP 5.4 in the Factory Repository is for Apache 2.4, not for 2.2, so I can’t use it, at least I know that PHP 5.4 is in factory along with apache 2.4, so I guess we’ll have to wait for both to be released.

Never mind, it wasn’t that, it’s because the php5 apache module needs apache-mmn that’s not provided by anything in the Factory repository, so it can’t be used.

So it sounds like a bug report or openFATE request then.

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Not really, it’s just that if OpenSUSE wants to keep up with competition it needs to make things like this happen, I tested Fedora 18 and Ubuntu 12 and they both have PHP 5.4, but when you know a goodie, you stick to it, that’s why I’m sticking to Open SUSE and I don’t want to see it fall behind.

Well we are very happy to have and keep you among our users. Any openSUSE user can file a bug report and any user can put in an openFATE request. It is OK to voice your opinion here and to use our other resources to help make openSUSE better. I encourage you to use them. If you create either one or the other, make sure to give us a link here in this message thread and good luck in your quest.

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Here’s a developper repo, AFAICS it contains both Apache 2.4 and php 5.4