photography post workflow

I recently turned my laptop into a dual boot machine. So far I have not had cause to verify that the windows dual boot (the original OS) correctly works. I’m running 13.1 and it has been a bit of a while since I have been in the Linux game.

I shoot Nikon raw. I enjoy stitching panos, sometimes matrix panos to be able to bring big with my little sensor. Before I purchased CS 5.5, I was using Rawtherapee (and sometimes wonder if I didn’t get better results faster with Rawtherapee) on Windows. I also own Lightroom and see the merit of the database side of that app.

I know Rawtherapee is available for Linux and noticed that Hugin is in the base OpenSUSE repo. What other tools do people use for photography (I am aware of GIMP, but hopefully won’t need to use it often after Rawtherapee, as long as I am keeping my lens clean)?

How does Hugin compare to Ps for panoramic work?

Does the current version of Rawtherapee allow for writing to exif copyright field at time of import? (I didn’t learn about exif until after I’d switched to Ps.)


I use digiKam and DNGConverter to work with RAW images from my Pentax DSLR, and any final touch-up/dressing up in GIMP, which has come a long, long way recently.

Also in my arsenal & used quite regularly are Darktable, Panorama, Rawstudio, RawTherapee, and UFRaw. Although, it is mostly digiKam, DNGConverter, & GIMP and they have been producing stunning results.