Phone with best theming support (not locked down)?

I occasionally see themes for mobile phones such as this one: openSuSE S40 by ~bunny-inside on deviantART My motorola razor is locked down, and can’t be edited. What mobile phones do I need to look at? Are there any that don’t lock you out? I would love to be able to connect a phone to my PC and browse/edit/add files on the phone. The link I posted is for Nokia. Are they less restrictive?

67GTA wrote:
> The link I posted is for Nokia. Are they less restrictive?

most restrictions are not placed by the phone maker, but by the
service provider…they buy from Motorola (who uses linux for the
razor by the way) and lock them to THEIR towers and/or their service…

i mean, i’m pretty sure you can buy razors in europe which are not
locked to anything…but, if you can use them where you live is
another matter…

as far as i know Nokia is no more or no less locked in/open than is
Moto…but, i could easily be wrong!

oh, please consider this: more than one person has connected they
working mobile phone to their computer and a few seconds (or minutes)
later learned they had to go out and buy a new phone…because they
had “bricked” the one they were trying to ‘upgrade’


so, either save all the money you need to buy a new phone, or be very


I would recommend getting an iPhone and jailbreaking it. You can theme pretty much everything with winterboard. If you do not like att you can unlock it after jailbreaking it and use it with t-mobile. Unfortunately you can only use it with GSM networks not CDMA ones therefore Verizon and Sprint are out of the question. And, yes it is perfectly legal if you want I can direct you to where you can view the dmca exemptions. With ssh installed you can easily transfer files over scp or sftp.