phone as modem

hello all.
I wonder how can i use my phone as GPRS modem. It is a nokia n80.
I’ve been looking but i can’t make it work! i have tried some tutorials, like this and this but is not working. I already configure my phone and it is currently connected to the GPRS network without problems.
This weekend i need to go to a rural area lost in time!!! Any help will be highly appreciated!!!

I’ve solved my problem! was a misconfiguration of the /etc/wvdial.conf.
Now the next step is to get it work without the data cable, using bluetooth. I am still trying to figure out this.

You need to edit the /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf file with the modem
channel on the phone. You can find this by using the rfcomm -a (on the
blackberry it’s channel 4)

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I’ve finally finished my bluetooth configuration. It wasn’t that hard and works quite well!
Here is a good manual.
Thanks a lot.