phone as bluetooth access point

hi there, i have recently installed open suse 11.2 on my hp hdx18 laptop replacing windows 7.

i am new to linux and am trying to use my phone as a bluetooth access point so i can connect to the internet when im out and about and there isnt a bt openzone network around.

my phone is a sony ericsson w910i

i can connect to my phone via blue tooth and use it as a remote control and browse, send and receive files. but cant figure out how to use it as an access point to the internet.

win7 had an option to connect via access point giving me instant internet access over the vodafone mobile phone network, but i cant find an option like that in open suse, if there even is one.

can someone please help. thanks in advance

Warning: It is not that straight forward.

If you want to connect to the Internet via bluetooth, you need to setup a connection mechanism through a serial device. Unfortunately, as per my knowledge, it is not supported by knetworkmanager. However, you can install kinternet and try.

In order to act the bluetooth interface of the phone as a serial modem, you need to edit the file /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
bind should be yes.
device should have the bluetooth address of your phone.

Once details are there in that file, when you establish the bluetooth link to the phone, the device /dev/rfcomm0 will act as the serial device. Once this is tested, you can configure the connection using kinternet.

thanks for the reply.

i couldn’t get it working anyway i now a duel boot setup with suse and win7