philips touchscreen

I have a philips touchscreen monitor attached as second screen
Everything works except the touchscreen bit ( ! ). Using the mouse
I can go across both screens and everything works fine, applications
can be dragged from one screen to the next etc . As soon as I touch
the touch screen the mouse jumps to top left on the primary screen.
This is 12.3 + KDE, is there a guided somewhere or does anyone have
any hints



On 06/14/2013 04:56 PM, interele wrote:
> is there a guided somewhere or does anyone have any hints

i’m not the real guru to answer this, but while waiting for that guru
to wander through, i will offer this:

i think most touch screen capability comes alive through ‘teaching’
openSUSE that a Wacom tablet (or similar) is attached…therefore i
give a google which will help you find what has been written in the
openSUSE universe on the subject:

or just in the forums:

but careful and notice the dates and versions addressed–while some
things that were true in (say) openSUSE 11.1 may be true in your
version, other things may not be…

so, maybe you should start here, with 12.3 always mentioned:"12.3"+tablet+OR+touch


This is driving me slightly mad but I’ve got it working a bit now.
If you only have the one touch screen or the screens are cloned it works OK, if
the screen uses twinview ( Screen 1 is the left screen Screen 2 is the
touch screen and on the right ) when you touch Screen 2 on the far
right the cursor lines up but as you move your finger to the left the
cursor gets out of sync. When your finger is half way across the screen 2
the cursor is already on the left hand edge By the time you get to the
left hand edge the cursor is over on the left hand side of screen 1. The
cursor is moving twice as fast as your finger.

Any ideas ?