Petition to replace google with a different search engine on chromium

Just like what debian does:

The only problem that I have with with DDG is that it is not loved by the community because of its recent decisions in search censorship etc.
Something like Brave search or SearxNG would be celebrated by the opensuse community and the open source crowd .
brave search is not open source yet but I trust it when i use it search for home defense guns, medical, and other sensitive topics
It would be also nice to see firefox with additional search engines like Brave search or a SearxNG instance .


A basic question – Is “down ranking” censorship?

  • Yes, yes, I know – there are arguments which plead that it’s a form of censorship.

I personally, have accepted for quite some time now, that, what I’m searching for is actually about 1 000 km down the list of things which the search found on the net …

  • But, those items haven’t been removed from the list – meaning that, they haven’t been “censored” …

Have you looked at Settings>Search>Manage search engines and site search in chromium where you will find a long list of alternative search engines?

All the browsers I have looked at have this option - some possibly because Microsoft was penalised by the EU for not offering people choice.

The issue is not my personal use but how other users use browsers. Most users will just use the default. I’ve seen people use parrotOS that has firefox with default duckduckgo and they wouldn’t even bother changing back to google that they normally use - proof the most just use whatever is the default. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of defaults.