petabyte hard drives

I got currious the othewr day about petabyte drives and decided to search. I came accross a few sites, but this one struck me 1.2 petabyte drive for $750 | Generic Geek.Com as did good ol’ /. A 1.2 Petabyte Hard Drive? - Slashdot

Jonathan_R I got currious the othewr day about petabyte drives and decided to search. I came accross a few sites, but this one struck me 1.2 petabyte drive for $750 | Generic Geek.Com as did good ol’ /. A 1.2 Petabyte Hard Drive? - Slashdot

Since 3 TB drives are not all that common place and creates issues unless the most recent Partitioning methods are used, I think that it will be several more years before Petabyte Drives will be common place. That $750 drive is a guesstimate for four to five years from now. That would be openSUSE 15.1 or 15.3 by then I would guess.

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Gee, what can you store on a drive like that. I have right now 2TB and thats not even filled. What would one do with a huge drive like that? Perhaps server. Well, at one point we will use it. Perhaps in 10 years. Just my guess.

His claims to having a petabyte drive is pure conjecture, read the comments and the links on He has a patent for the concept, but has not made a prototype except on paper. Leading quantum physicists have already been able to prove his theory as flawed showing some real tests that show the state of electrons exchanging photons can’e even come close to being controlled. This same guy claimed he had a quantum computer ready for market (again on paper) 5 years ago that would run every OS out there simulataniously and be the size of a pack of playing cards. Also use his numbers and do the math, after formatting his quantum 1.2 petabytes would be reliable to just under 300GB! That’s a big loss when we have a 1 terabyte now for far less than $700.

Don’t mislead yourself - storage in a computer system is like resources in a project - whatever is available will be used (and still found too little).

I have a 4TB media server at home, it’s bulging at the seams already.

I got rid of most of my movies simply because i don’t watch them anymore. There are only a couple of things i really watch a lot like some shows. So for me, i think there is a limit.
Its the same with music. I came to the point that i just wasn’t listing anymore to anything or just to a small section. My conclusion was, that i piled things that i don’t use. This was for me the best way to fight the clutter at home.
But true, if you have storage you may use it at one point. If i think about it, couple of years ago i wasn’t even thinking of TB more of GB. And with like movies getting more resolution and therefore more size i can image it.

Great you need at least 250GB to backup a 1TB drive, how much is needed to backup a 1.2 petabyte drive?

Hmmm, I have 60 blank CD-Rs now and 18 DVD-RWs I can erase… so, 1 petabyte is 1 million million bytes - (60x700mb + 18x4.3Gb) = l million million bytes.
Then 1 million million bytes / ! TB drives = 100,000 million TB drives? And 1 TB divided by 4.3Gb = too tired to compute right now.

If such things do come to pass I suspect rather strongly that it’ll be a very limited market. Simply because
the masses will use the cloud.

Not anytime soon, Im afraid. To store, say, 1TB of midia at 5Mbps (which is way more upload capacity that most domestic broadband have) would take, what, 20 days (470 hs) at top speed?

And how much would that cost you? If Spideroak charges USD$10/month for 100GB IINM, let’s say you get 50% (!) volume discount, it would still come to US$ 600/year! OTOH you can get an external 1TB USB3 or e-SATA drive for less than half of that value, and it will last you at least 2-3 years. And transfer speeds are at least 20x faster!

Now, I think that for the foreseeable future the cloud will be great for syncing files between computers - I’m using Spideroak to sync work folders between work/home desktop/laptop and loving it - and perhaps also for SAAS on weak portable machines. But not for real large storage of personal files (not talking corporate here).

Another 1.2 petabyte drive :slight_smile:

(at least that’s what I’d do).

Edit: There are also tape drives, if you have time enough?

Thanks I didn’t even think about how long it would take to backup 1.2 petrabytes. 20 days?
Who has 20 days to backup files?

Hmmmm. how could I divide my petrabyte into manageable virtual servers?
Not /dev/sda1 1000TB, ./dev/sda2 1000TB, … /dev/sda15 1000TB?

What is cloud anyway? Virtual storage on the Internet?
How secure is cloud computing when Sony PS3 online has millions of subscribers personal data compromised?

Unless developers can find some way to enable IPv6 privacy, hackers will follow you wherever you surf. Imagine how happy your employer will be to see you’re dedication by backing up work data to the cloud and your home computer, not to forget the time to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts?