personalize settings kde 4.3

How to you change themes, mouse options, and all that other stuff in kde 4.3? In opensuse 11 with kde 4.0 there was a configure personal settings option in the app menu. This is now gone??

Are you sure using KDE 4.3?
KDE 4.1 Beta 2 just released from K Desktop Environment - Be free.

Oh well when I go to about kde it say release 4.3??? weird… All I did was went into yast and said to update everything if updates available.

Either way how to I get to the personalize desktop stuff?

Your right after some looking around I found it is 4.1 beta 2. Anyways anyone know how to get to the personalize desktop stuff in this version??

Click on the Start/Kickoff menu and search for “System Settings”. I’m pretty sure that is it, even though I don’t use KDE 4.

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