Personal font size?

What about allowing users to define a personal font size and store it as personal preference?
Whenever I visit the forum, I often hit ctrl + twice for better reading…

Wait, after asking I will look at the preferences, maybe this already exists, in this case, my question would have been obsolete and a waste of time :wink:

I’m pretty sure that if I hit CTRL + twice, my browser (firefox) will remember that as a site setting.

If you have problems with many sites, there are probably browser font settings for that.

When I “zoom” a browser page, all succeeding pages typically pick up that setting so that won’t be specific to only a single website.

Possible solution could be to simply install another web browser and use that browser for your Forums… Then only the sites in that browser would be “zoomed.”

I typically have at least 6 web browsers installed for various similar reasons, but mostly for isolating the web tracking I expose when I visit particular websites.


firefox, konqueror, falkon, opera, chromium, otter, vivaldi, midori, seamonkey, epiphany

Yes, different browsers for different sites interferes makes it harder for sites to track my activities.

Side note: There is also the brave-browser as another option for secure browsing