Persistent baloo cashes after startup

In Leap 42.2 KDE, baloo always crashes after system startup. I’ve tried restarting it, and it just crashes again.

After crash, it is at the same point each time:

>balooctl status
Baloo File Indexer is not running
Indexed 88113 / 88114 files
Current size of index is 556.01 MiB

>balooctl -v
baloo 5.26.0

so I think it’s a single file causing the problem.

(Someone more knowledgable may be able to advise otherwise.)

Until the baloo maintainers get round to tracing and fixing the defect, can anyone advise how to locate / identify the offending file, and i’ll exclude it from baloo’s search.


I can only suggest that, the output of “balooctl start” and “balooctl check” be inspected for a clue as to which file is causing this issue.
While the Baloo “check” is executing, the KDE “Info Center” tab related to “File Indexing” may also offer some clue as to what is going on.