I need some help with permissions. I’m running suse 10. I reset the smb password, and now i can only view files on the suse server and not copy to the suse server.

Please help, still new to Linux


A few questions:
Is “suse 10” really suse 10.0?
When you talk about the “suse server”, do you mean the same computer that you call “suse 10”?
What operating system is on the computer that you are using to try to “copy to the suse server”?
Is the suse server running as a workgroup or is it emulating a windows primary domain controller or perhaps a wins server or maybe something else?

Or maybe it would be easier for us to divine what your LAN setup is if you gave us a fairly wordy description of it.

PS: I see this is your first post – welcome to the land of openSUSE.