Permissions problems with KDE 4.1.1 at opensuse 11

Hi folks!

I have this permission’s problem here…:’(

In details…
Whenever I enter KDE 4 environment from a moment and after a massive update (I always do massive updates from the factory repos bleeding edge KDE 4.1.1 worths it!:))
I logged normally at my user account and firstly I realised that kmix icon dissapearred from the taskbar and not starting whatever I tried even from console, the NetworkManager icon that shows connection state is not green anymore but grey although I use internet normally, furthermore the HP Status Service icon appears but the HPLIP panel shows connection problem between the app and my printer.:’(:’(
Also if I give alsamixer at a console window I get this message:

alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: Permission denied

If I login as root everything works fine!

Any ideas guys??
I suspected PolicyKit but really don’t know…

Sometimes I get the same thing on my laptop. If it works like mine, I can re-boot a couple of times and it usually clears up. Spending the first 20 minutes or so every morning re-booting isn’t really productive though.

Do you authenticate against LDAP/AD or is it a local login? If it’s a local login, is your user account a member of the correct groups to access these resources(Audio)?


I work with a local login.
But how can my user came out of these groups? I didn’t touch anything at users settings!:\

How can I check those groups? Via Yast at user accounts??

The more I look into this problem, the more I believe you are correct in your original assessment that it is an issue with PolicyKit.

This happens randomly with KDE 3.x & 4.x it also happens with Gnome.

I don’t really know enough about PolicyKit to be much help though and their documentation is severely lacking.

This is becoming such an issue that I am starting to think about switching to a different distro to see if they have this problem.

Can anyone else shed any light on this?