permissions access

Hello Friends!

We have a share folder with access permissions to Group = contabilidade
So: chown contabilidade:contabilidade
and: chmod 775 -R /share folder

Inside the group, there is an user (luciano) and sometimes he needs extract 7z file into **/share folder **to update files from software. Before he did can extract normally and now for some reason, he cannot extract file (without permission), I did verify, and seems ok access.
He access share folder by windows without problems but when try to extract the 7z file inside the share folder, got error

Inside samba share (smb.conf)

    browseable = Yes
    comment = sistemasequiplano
    create mask = 0777
    directory mask = 0777
    force directory mode = 0777
    inherit acls = Yes
    path = /usr/sistemasequiplano/contabilidade
    read only = No
    valid users = +contabilidade
    force create mode = 0777
    vfs objects = 

Where the error please and, how can I fix it?

Thanks attention and Help


Make sure the user (either directly or through their group membership) has execute permission on the parent directories.

This post has a more detailed description of what’s going on:

 path = /usr/sistemasequiplano/contabilidade

Are you sure that this is the correct entry in your smb.conf file?
I’ve never heard of anyone allowing access to one’s /usr directory.
Seems to me that that would be very insecure. Or am I wrong about that.
Other older members who have their fingers in security could probably agree or disagree with me.