Permissions 4 http server to run joomla?

Installed the lamp server through Yast using this guide , so far good, it works fine, PHP works, apache works, but …

I go to install Joomla and i get errors regarding permissions to write to directories denied.
seems i have to manually change each folder’s permissions to have Joomla work properly.
I dont have to do this using my other servers that are hosted.

is there a way to get the yast http server to set permissions for Joomla to work proper?

ultimately i would like for this yast http server to serve as a server to operate with Internet access, so that i can not have to pay for hosting and just use my opensuse computer to be my web-server…

I already have static Ip and port forward to work, i have two domains im using to test so that i can test virtual hosting…they both work - they both go to different folders separate when called in browser, im just having problem with permission to write using joomla install…it wont write to configuration file unless i manually write to it,
and when i compare the folders it creates to my paid for hosting server folders, all the folders on the hosted server show “writable” ( after fresh joomla install) but the Yast webserver (fresh joomla install) folders all show as “unwritable”…
something is not setup right yes?
i tripple checked the tutorial walk through to see if i missed anything…what am i missing?

never mind - going to use webmin/cento - way easier tutorials to follow to get a webserver up and running.