Permission trouble with external hard drive

I have a 500G external hard drive. As of now it has two partitions. The one seems to work fine, I can read and write to it fine. The other one though I can’t copy files onto. I get a message saying ‘The destination is read only.’ It shows up under /media/My Book

I have logged in as root and have the same problem. I have also tried changing the permissions through nautilus but they never stick.

This shows up in the output for dmesg which looks like it could be the problem but I am not sure what to do about it

FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sdb1)
    fat_get_cluster: invalid cluster chain (i_pos 0)
    File system has been set read-only
FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sdb1)
    fat_get_cluster: invalid cluster chain (i_pos 0)
FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sdb1)

Dmesg shows more but this looked like the most relevant part. Let me know if you want the rest of the output.

Try unmounting the device and then running this command in a console after you enetr su to become root:

fsck.vfat -a -v /dev/sdxy

Where sdxy is the partition designation (like sdb4 or whatever, you can discover it with the root command fdisk -l)

You could go into Yast->Partitioning and set the mount point to /home/username, so that it will mount it to your home/user folder automatically on startup. Then chown -R user /path/to/storage

Thanks swerdna, this did the trick and I was able to continue copying files to the partition even after a reboot.

Thanks for the response BNG22908, knowing that is there now will still be useful.

Thanks again,