permission problem.

need help, I am trying to add a theme and plug-ins to gimp but cant get past permissions.

i tried su but it made no difference.

If you don’t have too many cutomizations to loose, just remove the hidden directory .gimp-2.6 in your user home directory (while gimp is not running) and restart gimp.

As user, type in a terminal:
rm -r ~/.gimp2.6

If you’re not allowed to remove you own gimp directory (that would btw answer your question), do it as root:

su -c 'rm -r /home/yourUsername/.gimp-2.6’

the issue is the directory is in the root not the home there no gimp file under /home/username its in / user/ shared/gimp

rm: cannot remove `/home/bryan/.gimp2.6’: No such file or directory

ill try adding user/ shared/gimp

nope same thing

This is not /home/bryan/.gimp2.6 but /home/bryan/.gimp-2.6. This directory get created the first time a user starts Gimp, together with a bunch empty subdirectories. As user you would save your themes in /home/bryan/.gimp-2.6/themes (seems logical at least). Only root can write in /usr/share/gimp. I wouldn’t recommend doing that (changes there might get overwritten by updates anyway).

well i dont have a gimp in home will it work if i make a folder in there and name it gimp2.6 or no?

should i try reinstalling it?

You should have it. But you don’t see it because it’s an hidden directory (its name starts with a dot).
hmmm … what about installing the Midnight Commander and run it in a terminal? Then you will see everything (but be carefull with that program!)
zypper in mc

find ~ -type d -name ".gimp"*

ok ill try find ~ -type d -name “.gimp*” if that deosnt work ill try mc.


ok it says


yeah it must be hidden.

You can also configure your filemanager (dolphin, nautilus, thunar, etc) to display hidden files and directories.

k ill try that

I used rm -r ~/.gimp-2.6 and it didnt post thing is that good if so what next?

It’s normal. You could use rm -v -r to view details.
You just removed that directory with all subdirectories. Now restart Gimp … maybe rather from a terminal, just typing gimp, so you can see error messages if any in the terminal.

ok I unhid all the folders but I dont see gimp Ithink I removed it but dont know how to get it back do i just start gimp again?


ok I restarted gimp and yup its back

thank you vary much you’ve been a huge help.