permission on external media

Hey everyone. Im in need of some assistance yet again. I have a phone with a removable media card plugged in and loaded some music onto it. i just went to delete everything and some of them would not delete saying they were read only and i dont seem to be able to change the permissions. Help? LOL

Not sure you if are using Dolphin or the command line.

Personally, I would just become root in the terminal and do what I needed to do. If you are trying to do it in Dolphin or as a regular user there are a number of things that could be going one. What exactly are you seeing? What does an ls -l on the mounted media look like?

Lews Therin

Hi. I’m sorry i should have been more specific. I did try everything such as with and without being root in a terminal and in dolphin with no luck. I ended up just reformatting the card and all is well. Thank you very much for replying :slight_smile: