permission error when mounting openSUSE system to Windows PC

I have the Interdrive NFS client software. I use this to mount NFS network drives from a Solaris system to a Windows PC.

I just installed the openSUSE 11 system onto my network. When I try to access this openSUSE system from the Windows side, I see all the shared drives.

But when I attempt to click on the drives, it says that I do not have permissions.

I’m guessing that I need to go back to the openSUSE system and edit the /etc/hosts.allow file.

Is this correct? And if so, what is the syntax I need to put in that file? Thanks.

In the /etc/hosts.allow file, I put the following, just to test:


Then, I go back to the Windows XP side, click on the shared directories of the openSUSE, and it still gives me a “permission denied” error.

Anyone knows what file I need to alter to allow for a Windows PC to access shared drives on openSUSE? Thanks.