Permission Denied while installing bitnami*.bin Ruby Stack

I have downloaded the bitnami*.bin and tried to install it.
As a root user I did the following…

linux-oavv:/windows/E/Programming/RoR # chmod 755 bitnami-rubystack-1.5-4-linux-installer.bin
linux-oavv:/windows/E/Programming/RoR # ./bitnami-rubystack-1.5-4-linux-installer.bin
bash: ./bitnami-rubystack-1.5-4-linux-installer.bin: Permission denied

Kindly help me to solve this problem…

Why are you runing in /windows/E/

could that be your problem?

Thanks for the reply…
because the bin file resides in that directory…

Thanks a lot.
After replying your post I realized that the problem might be due to my windows ntfs partition so I copied the bin to my openSUSE root partition and then tried to installed it and it started installing.
Thanks again…

No worries.
execute in ntfs is not allowed, unless you specifically set it up (not a good idea)
Good luck;)