permission denied by policy

how can i change permissions? i want to have access as i had at previous
suse 11. policykit is responsible for this?


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What permissions are you talking about? File permissions?

What DE are you using? KDE 3.5? KDE4? Gnome? XFCE? None?

What OS?


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well i have installed Linux i686 - kde 4.1.3. .
In the previous installed system suse 11.1 but not the final i had
access to hard disks. i was able to see windows partitions and read and
copy whatever have inside.And of course i had access to suse partitions
as user. i take this message

"An error occurred while accessing "volume (ext3), the system
responded: org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.PermissionDeniedPyPolicy:org. auth_admin_keep_always

this happens also for fixed disks.


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Is there a solution to this? Got the same problem.



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still waiting for an answer…:frowning:


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go Yast > Security > Local Security and click through next next next
until you come to the page with Miscellaneous Settings, and a flip
box with File Permissions choices of “Easy”, “Secure” and “Paranoid”…

read the help in that window and select “Easy” and then “Finish” as i
did…and have for years…and, have had no bogeyman steal my stuff…

or, maybe you have another problem…i really don’t quite understand
the question/problem as i’ve never seen it…i wonder if either of
you make it a practice to occasionally sign into KDE or GNOME as root??

Make sure you add the relevant user(s) to ‘disk’ group. (Its been widely
reported around here).


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