permisions through ftp

Hi there,

I am totaly new on linux and until so far i find it easyer than i would think because i can find avery awnser on this website.

the install was without any trouble and the webserver apache , mysql , ftp and php was just to easy:), everything is running like an angel but there is only one thing that i cant figure out

iff i conect with smart ftp from another computer and ip adres i can conect verry easely bud i can’t chance any permision of a file in the webfolder with cmod , can someone please help me with that
i self think it is a wrong permision of the account i login with bud i cant figure out how i can set this right

can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong here

thank you verry much

my best regards

If i am getting your post correctly, root can change the permissions.
Also, are you trying to access your pc from another pc through smart ftp?

yes i have acces with another pc on a diverend location (adress) on a windows pc and i connect with smart ftp to the ftp server and go to the webfolder and there i cant changce the permissions of the file’s

it is not as root bud as a normal user

thank you

As a normal user, you can only change the permissions of files and folders you own. From what it looks like, your ‘normal user’ is not the owner.
What you need is ssh access to the webserver. That would give you the oppportunity to change permissions.

What i mean is that when i have a domain by a hosting compagny and i want to install a joomla website than i need to cmod the configuration.php file to 777 to make it writeble and that is wat i want to do now on my own server/computer ,not as root bud as a normal user
I have change the webroot to that users folder
for example
the user is michael and the webroot in apache is /home/michael/public_html bud afther a login trough ftp i cant change the permissions of the file’s

Assuming, we are taking your pc as a server. and in that case, ssh is best choice.
Anyway, i used filezilla to change the permissions of a file/folder on a hosted domain, and had/have no problems.

Not sure, if you are the owner of the domain and login with the provided username/pass. Or you are accessing the server as some one create ftp account for you, so in this case i think you can’t change file/folders permissions as the owner may not granted permissions on your account.
All are just guesses.

i will go and try it with filezilla
can you tell me hat i must do with that ssh i am a real nuwby with that

Highly recommended ssh here, BUT
It depends, either your host company allow you to use ssh access to server or not, you can ask them.

In common situations, they allow user to use only ftp access to server, but may be some allow access through ssh also. As now a days most of the companies allow to use ssh access on Linux hosted servers.

As background information I can add that the ftp protocol has a CHMOD command. Most ftp clients have a chmod command to interface with it. But many ftp servers do NOT support this.